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Noheva-hanke – Skilled project

According to the international PIAAC –study there are over 600 000 adults in Finland with inadequate literacy, numeracy and digital skills. The lack of these basic skills can hinder individuals from completing vocational qualifications and from fully participating in the working life and society.
This project focuses on applicants and students of vocational education with inadequate literacy, numeracy and digital skills. The project will develop materials, tests and guidance models for identifying difficulties with the above mentioned basic skills, and for supporting these students in their studies.

The project coordinator is Kiipula Vocational College and other project partners include Keuda Group, Vocational Education and Training, Hyria Education, Omnia The Joint Authority in Education in the Espoo Region, VAAO (Valkeakoski Vocational College), The Satakunta Educational Federation and Tampere Adult Education Centre.

As a result of the project:

  • New methods and tests are created to help identify problems with basic skills during the student recruitment and application stages.
  • Materials and methods are created to support students with weak literacy and numeracy skills during their learning-process.
  • Different learning events are organized for teaching and guidance staff as well as for workplace instructors.
  • Different models and materials are gathered together into an online material bank.
  • The participation of people with inadequate basic skills in vocational education and in other areas of society is improved, directly and indirectly.